In my years of using Discord, I've made a ton of bots, and a few not so bad ones. Most of my creations are pretty gimmicky and never saw use for more than a few days. Still, here's a list of the ones I've made that I'm okay having my name attached to.

Most of these bots are written in either Python or JavaScript. Source is not available unless otherwise stated.

Pocket Jacob

April 1, 2023

The idea for Pocket Jacob came to me one night without warning. The idea was so good that I knew I had to immediately start working on it. Three days later, Pocket Jacob was born. The bot did not see use until April Fool's 2023, when I decided to release it to the public, temporarily transforming our server into the "Pocket Jacob OFFICIAL Server".

What is a "Pocket Jacob"?

Pocket Jacobs, named after the bot, are NFT-style collectibles that can be minted, traded, and recycled. The project is meant to be a parody of bad NFT projects, with each Jacob having various cosmetics that make it unique. A (fake) Ethereum value is assigned depending on the number of cosmetics a Jacob has.

Me using the /mint command to create a new Pocket Jacob
The birth of a Pocket Jacob

Users can create a new Pocket Jacob with the /mint command. Everyone has a limited number of mints to use (5 by default). The only way to procure more mints is to /recycle a Jacob worht more than 6 ETH for eth_value // 3 mints. few or beg me for them. This created the very interesting emergent side effect of people spam pinging me which is an unresolved issue. The current official workaround is to say "no".

You can send Jacobs to others with the /transfer command which enables trading and bartering among users. This aspect of the bot is what makes it only partially useless as opposed to completely useless.

Later in development, I added the /merge command. Two Jacobs can be merged together to create a Jacob of equal or greater value, with a random mutation which could be good or bad. This solved the problem of users not having anything to do with low-value Jacobs that couldn't be recycled due to their low value. In fact, the only way to get a perfect Jacob (one with all possible cosmetics) is to merge a lower value Jacob with a high value one.

This project ended up becoming our Discord server's April Fools joke for 2023. I'm not sure how long it will stick around for, but as long as people keep using it, I'll keep adding to it.