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December 2023

"Wouldn't it be funny to make completely autonomous AI-powered TikTok bot?"

That was the million-dollar idea that birthed Shovel.

Shovel is an autonomous content generation system that leverages generative AI to produce industrial quantities of TikToks with zero human intervention. The idea was so tantalizingly simple that we just had to try:

  1. Use an LLM to generate a script interspliced with images and visual cues
  2. Parse the script into actionable objects
  3. Generate content based on those objects:
    • Synthesized speech based on the script
    • Images to match the script prompts
  4. Weave all these generated elements together into a video timeline
  5. Render the video and upload it to TikTok, YouTube Shorts, etc.

To get started on implementing this idea. We needed to figure out a few things. Which AI models should we use? Should we use an API or self-host? How do we combine these individual elements into a finished video?

TODO: finish this